Coming This Fall with an All-Star Cast: It’s the New Gates Foundation Follies!

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

File this under big-budget franchise reboots nobody was asking for. Reuters:

New York will work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to “reimagine” the state’s school system as part of broader reforms in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Governor Andrew Cuomo told a daily briefing on Tuesday…

While he did not provide specifics, Cuomo suggested a fundamental rethink of the classroom was on the table.

“The old model of everybody goes and sits in a classroom and the teacher is in front of that classroom, and teaches that class, and you do that all across the city, all across the state, all these buildings, all these physical classrooms – why with all the technology you have?” Cuomo asked.


There must be somebody whose word Bill Gates would trust, who could sit him down and explain what’s being done to him.


If not for his sake, for the sake of all the rest of us who have to watch this crap when there’s nothing else on.

If some good Samaritan does decide to take Gates to class, here’s the reading list.

3 Responses to Coming This Fall with an All-Star Cast: It’s the New Gates Foundation Follies!

  1. sstotsky says:

    Perhaps Governor Cuomo could point to the kind of reform in NYS he would impose, via Gates’ money, on all of public education in this country?

  2. pdexiii says:

    Another in the long list of do-nothing, no-value-added political bureaucrats trying to get their hands on the $$$ of those who’ve actually created what people value. God bless Bill Gates for (always) trying, but his track record of success in education ain’t that great; I guess his moneybags blinded Cuomo to that reality.

    • Greg Forster says:

      I suspect it’s not that Cuomo doesn’t know it won’t work, it’s that he wants the money to deliver to education special interests. Gates is the sap here, not Cuomo.

      You’re right that it’s good Gates is willing to give! I wish he would care more about results.

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