Peace Love and Understanding with Sherman Dorn

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Over at RedefinED I dip a toe into podcasting with my old nemesis Sherman Dorn (wait…that makes one of us the bad guy right? Not it!) Dr. Dorn and I used to argue about Florida NAEP scores, but now we both live in the Cactus Patch. Anyway Dorn very kindly hosted me at Arizona State to record the podcast, which is in two parts, and (I think) we basically agree that public schools are over-regulated and seem to reach a consensus on a lighter footprint testing system. Along the way we discuss the 20th anniversary of Jeb Bush’s reforms and other stuff. Jayblog fans should take a listen: part I and part II.

One Response to Peace Love and Understanding with Sherman Dorn

  1. Greg Forster says:

    “Not it!” is indeed the universal system for determining who is the bad guy. Let’s all be thankful Zephram Cochran yelled “not it!” into the inky void of the cosmos on the first human warp-drive flight; otherwise we’d have ended up as the warlike galactic savages, and the Klingons would have led the Federation.

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