Edifice Complex Strikes the Gift of the Colorado


(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Herodotus called Egypt “the gift of the Nile” and Arizona is the gift of the Colorado (and a canal). Both Egypt and Arizona have alas been afflicted by an edifice complex- giant mountain sized stone tombs in the case of Egypt, very pricey new construction for districts in the case of Arizona, as I detail in a Chamber Business News column. Any chance $330 per square foot schools will attract tourists thousands of years from now? Warning: reading this piece will expose you to earworm Egyptian themed songs.


One Response to Edifice Complex Strikes the Gift of the Colorado

  1. Malcolm Kirkpatrick says:

    Cost per classroom of classroom building construction makes this point clear. Two decades ago, the Hawaii DOE spent about $240,000 per classroom for classroom buildings. These are 20’x30’x10′ concrete boxes in rows of fix or eight, two or three tiers high: cookie-cutter projects. This cost does not include land acquisition.

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