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  1. Mike Norton says:

    One of the factors ignored by most in the analysis of Nevada State scores deserves some discussion. Four years ago Nevada’s very conservative Republican Governor realized that Nevada’s schools could not function without bringing more Teachers to Nevada, something he accomplished through a compromise bill that added funds to public schools which were in turn used to raise Nevada Teacher pay dramatically. As expected, Teachers from surrounding States moved quickly to Nevada. Low cost of living. Reasonable quality of life. And a 20% raise.

    Don’t discount the possibility that higher Teacher pay contributed to the improvement of Nevada students’ performance.

    Superior Teachers with the same curriculum always get better results, regardless of the form of school in which they work. The battle for educational superiority will, in the end, be won by the school that recruits, maintains and motivates the best Teachers.

  2. matthewladner says:

    The $5,000 sign on bonus is not insignificant. How many 23 year old ASU grads might take a shine to Vegas?

    • Michael J. Norton says:

      Northern Arizona schools were decimated. Check out the job postings for Teachers in places like Havasu

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