2017 NAEP-Scores and Trends for Black Students

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

A few months ago I speculated that a statewide Black population would catch up to a statewide Anglo NAEP score. It got close in 8th grade math with Arizona’s Black students scoring 272 and the lowest scoring statewide Anglo score coming in at 274. Here’s a chart on 8th grade scores and gains in math since 2003 (Black students did not make the minimum size for NAEP to report scores in several states):

Indiana and Arizona can thumb wrestle later for the championship.


One Response to 2017 NAEP-Scores and Trends for Black Students

  1. […] Ohio also does not stand out in terms of academic trends- the country has been flat since 2009. The correct question to ask therefore is not “what’s the matter with Ohio” but rather “what is going right in Arizona?” Arizona for instance has the highest 8th grade math scores for Black students in the country, and so… […]

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