TUDA Math 2011 to 2015

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Only FRL eligible general ed students depicted here to get closer to apples to apples. Boston wins-maybe there is something to this whole curriculum thing? If so much of the rest of the country seems to be pushing on a string. Chicago looks better than I would have expected. DC strangely looks Detroitish once deprived of that whole gentrification phenomenon, and might look worse still if deprived of the charter scores.

New TUDA data due soon, so stay tuned…

One Response to TUDA Math 2011 to 2015

  1. Greg Forster says:

    The closer you get to the local level, the more likely any given reform is to be really seen as valuable and hence actually adopted with success, and the less likely it is to be corrupted quickly (or corrupt from day one, for that matter). Hence Massachusetts‘ strict standards work in Massachusetts, Florida’s school grading works in Florida, etc.

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