TFA goes hillbilly nuts

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

This has been an open secret for a long time now, but now a TFA alumni has gone and spilled the beans.

If, as implied in the article, the organization adopted the habit of lefty virtue signalling in the hope of immunizing itself from criticism from Dianne Ravitch and the pool of AFT interns being whipped with a cat-o-nine tails to run her twitter feed, they chose poorly. Going hillbilly nuts in response to criticism from someone who has herself gone hillbilly nuts does not leave you as fellow hillbillies. It leaves you as both nuts.

How can she expect us to tweet any faster?

The interests of Ravitch’s puppet-masters remain in crushing alternative paths to reaching the classroom and talent pipelines for charter schools. So long as she continues to yearn for AFT’s adulation and receives enough cigarettes and pizza to keep the intern pool tweeting around the clock with a manageable level of grumbling, Ravitch seems unlikely to even pause to take notice of TFA press releases on freeing Mumia or the various lefty cause du jour.

Alienating yourself from most others however is a much easier task than getting AFT to stop pursuing what they believe to be in their interest. TFA’s leadership might want to think a little harder on the cost-benefit analysis of this “strategy.”


3 Responses to TFA goes hillbilly nuts

  1. Greg Forster says:

    Correction: “Alumna.”

    There is also a lesson here for the rest of us – movements need to keep their distance from racist, misogynist, illiberal reprobates, even when they’re presidents, no matter what they promise. Can you imagine how much worse this would be if the school choice movement had embraced a federal voucher push with Trump at the helm? An article like this one would probably never have been written.

    • Jason Bedrick says:


      • Greg Forster says:

        I had assumed the picture with the article was the author, but I see now it isn’t. My apologies!

        Either way, “alumni” is wrong – and I think if we can agree on anything it is that Matt Ladner’s being wrong is the really important point here.

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