AEI releases Education Savings Accounts the New Frontier in School Choice

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Get your copy-all the really cool kids are reading it! Great collaborative project to address the promise, practicalities and pitfalls of an account based system of parental choice. Here is a chapter summary written by some of your favorite edu-nerdsthinkers! RUN don’t walk to order your copy!

Adam Peshek and Gerard Robinson

“You Say You Want an Evolution? The History, Promise, and Challenges of Education Savings Accounts”
Matthew Ladner

“The Constitutional Case for ESAs”
Tim Keller

“Education Savings Accounts: The Great Unbundling of K–12 Education”
Adam Peshek

“Public and Policymaker Perceptions of Education Savings Accounts: The Road to Real Reform?”
Robert C. Enlow and Michael Chartier

“The ESA Administrator’s Dilemma: Tackling Quality Control”
John Bailey

“State Education Agencies, Regulatory Models, and ESAs”
Gerard Robinson

“Parents and Providers Speak Up”
Allysia Finley

“Hubs and Spokes: The Supply Side Response to Deregulated Education Funding”
Michael Q. McShane

“Settling on Education Savings Accounts”
Nat Malkus

Nat Malkus


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