Keep School Choice in the States


If D.C. wants to push school choice, it should make the D.C. voucher universal. Let D.C. clean its own long-neglected house and leave the states in charge of their own education systems.

As I told the New York Times in a story that ran today:

Greg Forster, a fellow at EdChoice, a research and advocacy organization that promotes school choice options, said that while he welcomes more support for the idea of school choice, he wants the issue to remain a state responsibility. “We have achieved a lot of victories at the state level by building bridges,” Mr. Forster said. Having Mr. Trump as an advocate “is a bigger problem for the school choice movement than it is a blessing, in my book,” he said.

He added that there is “no need for a federal push for school choice” because the options are increasingly gaining ground, leading to 61 private school choice programs in 30 states and the District of Columbia.

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One Response to Keep School Choice in the States

  1. brucewilliamsmith says:

    The American public needs educational choice to include independent school vouchers, so that those of us citizens who are hunkered down in blue states but who want to opt out of the narrow state test-based accountability system are not abandoned behind enemy lines, but instead are enabled to join like-minded community members in exercising the right to freedom of education in order to found schools that can model better assessment for the country as a whole.

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