Arizona Charter Schools CeleNAEP release of 2015 Science Scores

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

NAEP released 2015 Science results today. More results to come (I am crunching from the public library in Prescott AZ) but for both of you Arizona charter school skeptics out there, take a gander at the above chart. Just as a friendly reminder, AZ charter schools educate a majority minority student population, have very modest levels of funding compared to school systems around the country, and each NAEP exam is an entirely new sample of students, and Arizona charter students rocked all four of them (4r, 4m, 8r, 8m) so far. Now we have two more 2015 measures, and the CeleNAEP just keeps the smooth jam rolling!

Still skeptical? Well let’s check the 4th grade rankings:


More later but once again….


One Response to Arizona Charter Schools CeleNAEP release of 2015 Science Scores

  1. […] raw scores, Arizona charter students perform about as well as Massachusetts students on the 2015 8th grade NAEP science test. For that matter, Arizona’s charter schools topped the list for college attendance among […]

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