The Race Card Again

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(Guest post by Greg Forster)

A gang of the usual suspects has released yet another retread report providing information we already have, dressing it up in shocking language, and using it to play the race card against school choice.

As the Washington Post relates, the study finds – surprise! – private schools are disproportionately white. Obviously this must mean they’re racist and school choice is therefore dangerous.

The Post did quote one sensible fellow who saw through the racket:

Private schools generally want to serve as many students as possible, but they can only serve those who are able to pay….School choice levels the playing field by helping those with lower incomes have access to the choices that others now have and even take for granted. It is not a scandal that those who are able to access better schools choose to do so; it is a scandal that because of the government school monopoly, only some are able to access better schools.

He also pointed out a number of methodological flaws in their work, and cited the body of evidence showing school choice moves students from more-segregated public schools to less-segregated private schools.

Who was that masked man?

6 Responses to The Race Card Again

  1. Matthew Ladner says:

    Boom-worthy quotes!

  2. Jason Bedrick says:

    Nice work, Greg!

  3. Greg Forster says:

    Thanks, guys! But are they really Boom-worthy if the target is so slow and fat that I could hardly help but hit it?

  4. Jason Bedrick says:

    Apparently Gawker didn’t get your memo, Greg.

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