Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin calls for ESAs in OK State of the State

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Text here, ESA quote:

Finally, I’m 100 percent supportive of Education Savings Accounts. 100 percent.

All students learn differently and should have the opportunity to attend a school that has the best environment for each student to be successful. This can be accomplished through

Education Savings Accounts, while still protecting school finances.

Senator Clark Jolley and Representative Jason Nelson have legislation on this issue. Send it to me and let’s give students and parents a better chance for educational success than they have today.

I do recognize these are some of the hardest things I’ve ever asked for your help to accomplish as governor. But they’re also some of the most important. We were sent here to lead, and we need to lead now more than ever. We have smart, capable people in this room and throughout state government. We can do this.

One Response to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin calls for ESAs in OK State of the State

  1. Greg Forster says:

    Protecting school finances? Sounds ominous. There’s only one private school choice program in the US where empirical study has found no improvements to public schools as a result of the choice program – in DC. Why no improvements to public schools? The program protects school finances.

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