North Koreans Prefer to Use their Infravision, scoff at the need of lesser nations for “light bulbs”

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

The North Korean Ministry of News and Correct Thinking explained away this photo by advanced North Korean genetic engineering. Dear Leader Kim Jung Il kidnapped a Japanese Dungeon Master in the early 1980s, and forced the poor man to run the Dear Leader through every TSR module. The Dear Leader never suffered so much as a hit point of damage. The Dungeon Master once insisted otherwise, and was found to have suffocated after mysteriously deciding to swallow 3000 twenty-sided dice. Dear Leader easily bested all imaginary foes, just like real life. Inspired by the concept of “infravision” the Dear Leader ordered his scientists to give all of his followers the ability to see in the dark. This made light bulbs obsolete in the greatest of all nations.

An alternative explanation might be that this whole central planning thing just doesn’t work out well in practice. This however is an obviously absurd and implausible explanation.

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