Heritage Foundation’s Burke recruits Arizona All-Stars to talk ESAs

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

I finally got to watch this Uncle Milton birthday event at the Heritage Foundation on ESAs with Jason Bedrick, Jonathan Butcher and Tim Keller of Cato, Goldwater and IJ Arizona respectively.  Cactus patch represent! Spoiler alert but look for guest appearances by a famous spymaster and another by a very famous animated character.


One Response to Heritage Foundation’s Burke recruits Arizona All-Stars to talk ESAs

  1. Tunya Audain says:

    ESAs — Education Watershed

    An hour spent with this video is so worthwhile. The promise of meeting education needs of children in their lifetime through Education Savings Accounts in parents’ banks is so promising. Hopefully we in Canada can keep pace with this far-reaching model.

    As Matthew Ladner points out this is the smart phone vs. the rotary phone. http://spectator.org/articles/63652/parental-choice-20

    The watershed analogy is quite correct and the speakers in this video show how this turning point, once established, is irreversible.

    • Unbundling the school system — services, subjects, skill-training need not happen in one building
    • Experimentation, innovation, diversity, leads to a natural evolution
    • Student progress depends on proficiency not compulsory seat time
    • Quarterly reports to monitoring agency checks authenticity of spending before next release of funds
    • Parents themselves start help lines re how-to, choices, and positive/negative reviews of products, services
    • The potential is there to meet disparate and unique needs of a wide variety of young students — special needs, Native Americans, low-performing schools, foster children, ESL, etc.

    Considering the projected financial cost-saving to states, plus superior education results and high parent satisfaction surveys, hopefully, this model will spread quickly.

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