Alamo Draft House Stands for Liberty

While national movie chains have cowered in the face of unsubstantiated threats from North Korean stooges and Sony Pictures withdrew The Interview from all forms of distribution (presumably including DVD and Netflix), the Alamo Draft House movie theater in Dallas decided to fight back by showing Team America: World Police.  OK, it features Kim Jong Il instead of Kim Jong Un, but that’s basically the same thing.  Take that, barbaric stone-age despot!

While Hollywood proves that these colors don’t run — they flee screaming in terror — Alamo Draft House proves, in the spirit of Fasi Zaka, that the defense of liberty requires a good mocking of tyrants.  And apparently only the Alamo has the nerve to do it.  America!  What I wouldn’t do to get an Alamao Draft House in Fayetteville?

Don’t worry, even if Kom Jong Un threatens Hollywood into submission, he’ll still feel very lonely all by himself in his giant palace surrounded  by millions of starving North Koreans.

2 Responses to Alamo Draft House Stands for Liberty

  1. matthewladner says:

    I was at the Alamo Drafthouse for the premier of Team America 10 years ago. When I visited the men’s room after the film the patrons were shaking the walls with the theme song.

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