One Two Minerva is Coming for You, Three Four Better Lock the Door, Five Six grab a crucifix, Seven Eight Gonna Stay Up Late

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Check out this interesting profile of the Minerva Project by Graeme Wood in the Atlantic: The Future of College? Minerva is the first elite university founded in the United States since Rice over a century ago, costs half as much as Rice, and talks of serving as the asteroid to end the Cretaceous period of American academia.

How am I supposed to hire dozens of new non-teaching staffers this week with all these dreadful explosions going on?

I find myself vaguely skeptical. The graduate student association at Rice after all has this great bar they run in the basement of the Chemistry building called Valhalla. Minerva won’t have that, and college might not be the same without it. Maybe living in Europe, Asia and South America would be even better than Valhalla, especially when it is half the price of Rice. If the Minervas of the world disrupt Rice in Christensen inspired inferno of creative destruction, I hope Rice can hang on long enough for me to savor one final pint with Odin and the boys before academic Ragnarok reaches its inevitable conclusion.

Speaking of Odin, there is a lot of bold talk in this article from from a one-eyed fat man someone with 33 students, but on the other hand fortune sometimes favors the bold. The decision to avoid federal money alone makes me want to root for them. Let’s see how they do.

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