Welcome Back to School!

Lorie Ann Hill

I know it’s early August but in some areas of the country they are already heading back to school.  And in Wagoner, Oklahoma we have a report of a special education teacher who was arrested on the first day back “after she showed up at school under the influence of alcohol and without her pants.

Andy Rotherham dryly observed: “I blame Common Core.

But hasn’t Oklahoma committed to withdrawing from Common Core?  Maybe he means that he blames the absence of Common Core.  I, as a believer in incentives, blame the relatively low cost of booze and the relatively high cost of pants. Or something like that.

4 Responses to Welcome Back to School!

  1. Patrick says:

    Ahh,… you’ve made me feel nostalgic for Oklahoma….

  2. Larry says:

    The first day! This is outrageous! It’s bad form to show up plastered and pantless until at least six weeks into the school year.

  3. Minnesota Kid says:


    Previously you have claimed that public schools are incapable of innovating. Pants-less teaching proves you wrong!

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