Paul Peterson created Education Policy MOOC

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

MOOC there it is!  How long until Paul’s stodgy students get hip with MOOCs?

11 Responses to Paul Peterson created Education Policy MOOC

  1. Molly says:

    Okay, I’m hijacking this comment thread, as I don’t know how to contact you, Dr. Ladner, otherwise, and I’m seeking an informed opinion from an ed expert.

    Can you or another poster here weigh in on this little dispute between a San Antonio pro-charter non-profit and the Northeast ISD (Bexar County, San Antonio), on whether Bexar County charters or public schools provide the worst educational product? Both claim the other does, and as I don’t have expertise in evaluating education reform data, I’ve come to those who do. I’m hopeful you may be willing to give it a quick glance and provide some King Solomon-esque wisdom, ha ha. Links here:

    As a parent who lives in San Antonio in the NEISD, who would be sending her kids to the first Great Hearts school here in Texas if the commute wasn’t a logistical nightmare, I have a vested interest in this debate.



    • Molly: you are asking the wrong people… this is a “voucher only” ‘Charter only” site and you will only get information that says the public schools are terrible all over the country because that is the agenda they are pushing (brought to you by the Walton Foundation)

      • Patrick says:

        Voucher only charter school site? That doesn’t make any sense. Also, never seen any evidence that the writers think all public schools are bad.

  2. matthewladner says:


    What ultimately matters is the individual fit of a particular school rather than sector or district averages. Greatschools allows you to not only examine test scores but also parent reviews of individual schools:

    2 of the 3 Ladner children attend a Great Hearts school btw and we endured two years of logistical nightmare before pulling off the bandaid and moving near to the school a year ago. For us, it was worth it.

    • Molly says:

      Dr. Ladner,

      Thanks for the gentle nudge to do the analysis myself, at least for the individual schools. 🙂 I appreciate the acknowledgement and I’m quite surprised to see that my query brought out such robust, uh, discussion.

      Regardless, looks to be a good resource and I’ll check it out. For us, a classical homeschool curriculum will bridge the gap until logistics resolve. I admire your family’s fortitude for logistical challenges.

      FYI down the road when college looms…a site that I’ve been following for awhile (and it recently got some press) is WhatWillTheyLearn. It is a great resource. Texas’ own University of Dallas scores highly, and the Great Hearts school here in San Antonio is drawing UoD graduates into the GHs’ faculty (as well as graduates from other fine institutions too, I hasten to add).


  3. Peterson has a horrid ideology behind his program; It is not representative of university education in Massachusetts. He builds from a destructive “market” theory that is the wrong paradigm to apply to education. You could call it “slash and burn” …. when a grocery store goes bankrupt the lettuce will die on the shelves. You cannot permit that in a school or a hospital. His ideas about “free market” are totally fallacious . For another example, look at the so called “free” market principals and how Climate Change is accelerating because they use only laissez-faire — wait for the market to come back to equilibrium. These are concepts that are not fully explored and they become an ideology with a catechism and canon in the university or appended to a university as PEPG – Peterson is.

    • Patrick says:

      Actually, the lettuce is sold at steep discount to Savers and other discount grocery stores and in turn that savings is passed on to customers…most of whom are low-income and now getting the same nutrition for far less.

      In non-education news, the worst climate disasters tend to be government made. In the U.S. for example, the biggest polluter is the U.S. Government. Breaking down into agencies, it it is still a U.S. government arm… the U.S. Army.

      • Jason Bedrick says:

        Also, the lettuce is a product. Students aren’t products, they’re customers. When a grocery store goes bankrupt, it’s because it wasn’t providing enough value to customers, who took their business elsewhere.

      • Patrick says:

        Jason… what if school choice opponents do, in fact, see students as products just like lettuce in a grocery store. Does that mean they view teachers and employees as the customers?

  4. these two women jan resseger and valerie strauss are far more eloquent in explaining Peterson and PEPG than I am … quote
    ” On Monday, in her Washington Post Answer Sheet column, Valerie Strauss published a thoughtful piece from Arthur Camins, who examines the moral assumptions and values of those who promote creative disruption in education as the key to innovation. (This blog has considered the issues around education policy based on the theory of creative disruption here.) ” end quote

    Peterson is not even creative about his disruption ; it is what Pablo Naruda would describe as “slash and burn”…. or let the patients die in your emergency room….

    • Patrick says:

      *** pulls out troll feed ** Valerie Strauss is about as eloquent as a mute reciting Fifty Shades of Grey. Most of her work is copy and paste jobs from anti-reform nutters around the country. She does zero work verifying their claims and this results in dozens of errors. She is rarely ever published in print (they won’t sully their reputation with her claptrap) but WAPO is happy just picking up online viewers from old ed curmudgeons who complain so much they can’t offer any real meaningful solutions except to hate on kids and rant about corporations.

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