As if guided by Greg’s Invisible Hand…

(Guest Post by Jason Bedrick)
First George Will stole Greg’s money as a movie star, and now it appears that Jonah Goldberg — in the very same Fox News segment! — had intended to make the same point that Greg made earlier this week.
Here’s Greg:

Folks, from the moment you set yourself up as the dictator of the system,you officially own everything that happens in the system. This is not a new phenomenon. This is simply what you get when you announce that you have set a single standard for a huge, sprawling, decentralized system with literally millions of decision-makers, very few of whom have much incentive to do what you want, but very many of whom have some pet project they’d like to push through using your name to do it.

And here’s Jonah:

One of the problems the Obama administration faces with regard to Obamacare is that basically any adverse changes to health care will be blamed on Obamacare, even if the law has little to nothing to do with it. That’s because Obama and the Democrats vowed that Obamacare would transform the entire health-care sector. As a result any changes in that sector can be chalked up to Obamacare. In other words, Obama broke it, now he owns it. At least for public schools in 45 states, the same will likely hold true for Common Core. Not every stupid decision by a school administrator should be laid at the feet of Common Core, but because Common Core is transforming public education it will be easy to blame it for any bad decisions.

Not only that, but they both used the same example to buttress their point: California superintendent Mohammad Z. Islam blaming the Common Core for the ridiculous decision to have students write a paper taking sides on the question of whether the Holocaust occurred.
Greg, there is yet hope for your future as a talking head!

2 Responses to As if guided by Greg’s Invisible Hand…

  1. Greg Forster says:

    I’m content to remain the Kaizer Soze of the movement. Not that I’d turn Fox News away if they came calling with a major contract!

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