You Must See “Short Term 12”

Short Term 12 may be the best movie released in 2013 and I had never heard of it before watching it over the weekend.  It’s a great story, wonderfully acted and beautifully filmed.  You must see it.

Short Term 12 is the name of a temporary group foster home.  The trailer may feel a bit like an after-school special, but the movie is deeper and more authentic than that.  The ensemble cast has a host of great performances, including Brie Larson as the head staffer who is barely one step ahead of the troubled children for whom she works, John Gallagher, Jr. as her co-worker and boyfriend,  and Keith Stanfield as a young man about to “age out” of the system.

The movie is story-telling at its best.  There are no explosions, no chase scenes (well, except for the opening and closing parts), no futuristic dystopia — only real human drama.  If only the Weinsteins had produced the film or it had been done with British accents, it would have received an Oscar.  Instead, you have to hear of this one through the grapevine.  And you’ll be very glad you did.

File:Short Term 12.jpg

(edited for accuracy and to add the image)


One Response to You Must See “Short Term 12”

  1. pdexiii says:

    Oh, lord; don’t think I’d last 20 minutes. Can’t see this movie with anyone, as I’d be a slobbering little child.

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