Pat Wolf on Obama and Vouchers

Pat Wolf has a superb post over on Choice Words about the hypocrisy of President Obama calling for program’s to advance the education of African American men while at the same time wrongly describing the results of voucher programs  that do precisely that and attempting to cut funding for those programs.

Here’s the money quote:

Given the results of these three studies, one which was overseen by the U.S. Department of Education and two which were recognized with the Department’s highest award for rigor, we might expect President Obama to receive a swift response regarding his call for the federal government to search for programs that boost educational outcomes for African American men. The U.S. Department of Education need not search far and wide for such initiatives: they have already found one. Research shows that private-school choice through vouchers or scholarships is one of our nation’s most effective dropout-prevention programs for African Americans. It should be number one on the list of programs that President Obama encourages My Brother’s Keeper to support. But, apparently, it isn’t.

In fact, President Obama’s 2015 budget proposal includes no program funding whatsoever for the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, even though his U.S. Department of Education found it to be highly effective in promoting educational attainment for low-income African Americans. Why would the President use his phone to encourage nonprofits to promote educational opportunities for African Americans, but then use his pen to defund a federal government program already proven to do just that? Certainly that is not the sort of action one expects from his brother’s keeper.

2 Responses to Pat Wolf on Obama and Vouchers

  1. jean sanders says:

    why do you “guys” have to use slang like “the money quote.” It reminds me of the politician on TV who yells at the teacher union member “you bet your house on class size.” Most of the colleagues I have worked with don’t gamble anyway so betting the house has no meaningful use if it is a metaphor for educational policy … Teachers are from a different perspective of what is quality of life and what it means to receive value from your education…. I guess you would say we are the “Old Believers” and your modern work is intending to wipe us all out? But, then you must be “cool” with your sound bites or you will lose the generations that skim only headlines….. It is sad to see the research traditions of a University move in this direction for popularity.

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