Live Free and Learn

(Guest Post By James Shuls)

Yesterday, the Show-Me Institute released a new case-study, “Live free and learn: A case study of New Hampshire’s scholarship tax credit program.” The study was written by the incomparable Jason Bedrick of the Cato Institute. In the paper, he presents the first survey of New Hampshire Opportunity Scholarship recipients. What he found should not come as a surprise – parents love the program.

Of the scholarship recipients whose children attended a public school in the previous year, all reported greater satisfaction with their current school. In all, 97% of the parents surveyed indicated they are satisfied with their chosen school or homeschool.

Here are a few choice quotes from parents:

“[My son] is thriving and the school is the perfect fit for his needs…”

“I feel like the private school saved my daughter.”

“We are thrilled with the improvement we have seen in our son both academically and socially.”

“This school is incredible.”

“This school has been a lifesaver for my child.”

What’s more, many of these parents were low-income families that might not have had the luxury of school choice without the program. The state’s only scholarship granting organization, the Network for Educational Opportunity (NEO), made it a point to prioritize need in the granting of scholarships. They appear to have done a great job. Roughly 91% of the families qualified for free or reduced price lunches and 74% indicated they would not have been able to afford tuition without the scholarship.

In the words of Matt Ladner:


Check out more about the program and NEO in this great video.


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    Well let’s make it official:


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