Oregon Wins!

OregonDucksMascot(Guest post by Greg Forster)

Ladies and gentlemen, the United States of America is now concluded. The judges have turned in their scores, and the victor has been selected. Oregon wins.

We would like to congratulate all fifty states on their outstanding efforts, and wish them good luck in future competitions.

6 Responses to Oregon Wins!

  1. Jason Bedrick says:

    You forgot about Alabama!

  2. momof4 says:

    Vermont is equally liberal, thanks to all those liberals who have moved from the Boston and NYC metro areas. They’ve been coming to the University of Vermont, whose freshman class has been >60% out-of-staters for decades, and never leaving. They bring their prejudices and voting habits with them.

  3. Patrick says:

    If you Google, “Why is Oregon so good” the results are actually about the football team, not the state.

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