The Way of the Future: Southern New Hampshire University

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

What happens when a small, struggling university puts Clay Christensen on their board? Slate provides the answer: you go from almost folding to an online learning juggernaut.  We should keep an eye on the Open America project in particular. I imagine that this and similar projects might be especially attractive to home-school students, especially given the likelihood that Associates Degree > High School Diploma in the eyes of both the job market and college admissions officials.

Will the success of SNHU and similar ventures prompt one or more of the complacent players with a serious academic brand to move into this space?  The Slate article links to a report that says that a third of American universities have declining financial situations, so stay tuned…

2 Responses to The Way of the Future: Southern New Hampshire University

  1. Mike G. says:

    We have a pilot effort with 14 Match Charter alums at SNHU.

    So far, pretty impressive. (I was a bit skeptical initially).

    These were students who’d started at a traditional college but didn’t finish.

  2. Paul LeBlanc says:

    And here was my reply to the Slate article as SNHU’s president:

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