ESA makes a Customized Education Possible for Jordan Visser

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Watch the above video from the Alliance for School Choice, and mind you, that the customized education that Jordan is receiving is using only state funds which districts have spent decades describing as inadequate. Whatever school district Jordan used to attend, assuming that school finance works the way public school advocates and lobbyists have claimed, would have been making a large shift of their own general education dollars in an attempt to educate Jordan.  The district suffers no harm in losing Jordan, and in fact, one could make the case that they now have more resources to use on their remaining students.

Jordan benefits having an education custom designed to meet his needs.

Sadly a group of the anti-choice usual suspects are in court trying to make use of Blaine language forged by 19th Century Know-Nothing and Ku Klux Klan bigots in an effort to force students like Jordan back into district schools. I hope they will reconsider.

4 Responses to ESA makes a Customized Education Possible for Jordan Visser

  1. A W.H.U.D. says:

    Sigh. Here in NYS, it’ll be a cold day in Hades when we see vouchers for disabled students. SpEd parents know they could spend far less — and receive far more educational benefit–than what our “Excellence in Education” school district ‘charges’ to educate our kids via K-12 or BOCES programs.

  2. EricAlan says:

    Reblogged this on Afield in Iowa and commented:
    Iowa has a bill loosely based on AZ’s model in the Senate right now. Senate File 323:

  3. […] Conlin has shown a strong and singular focus on ensuring K-12 dollars are directed by the family to follow the student. A bold idea that also happens to be almost a world apart from the tepid “reforms” in SB 213, it reminds me of how Arizona has led the way in offering “Empowerment Scholarship Accounts” to a growing number of students, starting with special-needs kids like Jordan Visser: […]

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