US Teacher Unions Need to Close the Global Union Corruption Gap

The head of Mexico’s teacher union, Elba Esther Gordillo, has been arrested by authorities “on charges of embezzling $200 million.”  She only officially earned $90,000, but still managed to run up about $3 million in charges at Nieman Marcus, another million for property in San Diego, several hundred thousand to an art gallery, endless rounds of plastic surgery (yikes!), etc

It now appears that there is another global comparison on which the US is lagging way behind other countries.  Yes, our teacher unions have folks like Paul Egan, the New York union honcho and testing cheater whose alcohol-fueled tizzy over portion sizes at a swank Albany restaurant caused him to be arrested and led us to advise him that “Fat, Drunk, and Stupid is No Way to Go Through Life, Son.”  And we have “longtime Broward (Fla.) Teachers Union president Tony Gentile admitt[ing]… that he arranged for a sexual tryst with an Internet pal he thought was a 14-year-old girl.”  And also in South Florida, “The longtime leader of the Miami-Dade County teacher’s union pleaded guilty… in a deal after a public corruption task force found he fraudulently charged the organization for up to $650,000 in personal expenses for cruises, vacations and other luxuries.

Is that the best our corrupt teacher union leaders can do?  Just $650,000?  Mexican teacher union leaders can skim off a cool $200 million.  Even all of the abuses cataloged by the vanishing breed of education investigative reports,  Scott Reeder or Mike Antonucci, pale in comparison to Ms. Gordillo… or, as she was known in Mexico, The Teacher.  I suppose that overly-generous and ill-funded teacher pensions begin to approach the scale of malfeasance achieved in Mexico, but that union-directed financial extraction spreads its largess over millions of teachers.  In Mexico a single teacher union boss managed to grab $200 million for herself.  I highly doubt that Randi Weingarten is up to that challenge.

What we have here is a Global Union Corruption Gap.  Maybe we need to draft some cue cards for politicians so they can begin to address this problem with their steakholders.

[Correction — Paul Egan wasn’t actually arrested.  The restaurant called the police because Egan was unruly and refused to pay the bill.  The police ordered Egan to pay.  Jeesh!  Our union bosses even lag behind their colleagues in Mexico on getting arrested!]

2 Responses to US Teacher Unions Need to Close the Global Union Corruption Gap

  1. Greg Forster says:

    “The Teacher.” Like a superhero gone bad.

  2. unionyes says:

    Once a scab, always a scab.

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