Starring Matt Ladner as the Difference Principle!

Hippies on stage

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

Are you ready for this? A Theory of Justice: The Musical!

No, really:

In order to draw inspiration for his magnum opus, John Rawls travels back through time to converse (in song) with a selection of political philosophers, including Plato, Locke, Rousseau and Mill. But the journey is not as smooth as he hoped: for as he pursues his love interest, the beautiful student Fairness, through history, he must escape the evil designs of his libertarian arch-nemesis, Robert Nozick, and his objectivist lover, Ayn Rand. Will he achieve his goal of defining Justice as Fairness?

Wait, I thought they already made that show. It was called Hair.

Here’s a publicity photo from the production – Matt Ladner in costume for his co-starring role as “The Difference Principle”:


HT David Koyzis

6 Responses to Starring Matt Ladner as the Difference Principle!

  1. Matthewladner says:


    • Greg Forster says:

      I have received the much-coveted BOOOOOOM before but never the elusive ROTFLMAO. Now all I need to do is win an Al, and there will be nothing left to accomplish and my life will be over.

  2. Matthewladner says:

    Greg is poking fun at me btw because of my wierdo Rawlsatarian tendencies:

  3. Ha! (Or is that too old school?)

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