Florida Crushes the Ball on Progress in International Literacy Study

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

TIMS released 2011 results today in a variety of subjects. This time a handful of states were brave enough to volunteer for a pullout of their results. Here are the results on 4th grade reading:


Here are the pullouts:


You got it: Florida students notched the second highest score in the world. Even above (gasp!) Finland.

Late for a meeting. More later, but for now:


10 Responses to Florida Crushes the Ball on Progress in International Literacy Study

  1. If I am reading this right, I think it says that the average 6th grader in FL is reading at a higher level than the average student in the US. Is that right? Is that consistent with 4th grade and 8th grade NAEP scores?

  2. Matthew Ladner says:

    There are a bunch of different tests at different grade levels, but these are 4th grade reading scores. I added a link to the original source in the post.

  3. This is interesting stuff. Especially when you consider Finland’s demographics. Almost all students in Finland are native born.


    In grade 4 TIMSS Math Finland barely outscored the USA and same for 8th grade Math.

  4. OK in grade 4 TIMSS reading Florida scored 13 points above USA …. but in Math Florida is not nearly as successful.

    TIMSS Grade 4 Math:

    Grade 4:

    Singapore 606
    Korea, Rep. of 605
    Hong Kong SAR 602
    Chinese Taipei 591
    Japan 585
    Northern Ireland 562 => North Carolina 554
    Belgium (Flemish) 549
    Finland 545 ==> Florida 545 +4 above USA
    England 542
    Russian Federation 542
    United States 541 == 65 points behind #1 Singapore
    Netherlands 540

    Grade 8 Math:

    Grade 8:

    Korea, Rep. of 613
    Singapore 611
    Chinese Taipei 609
    Hong Kong SAR 586
    Japan 570 ==> Massachusetts 561,
    ==> Minnesota 545
    ==> North Carolina 537

    Russian Federation 539 ==> Indiana 522
    ==> Colorado 518
    ==> Connecticut 518
    Israel 516
    Finland 514
    ==> Florida 513 +4 above USA
    United States 509 == 104 points behind #1 Korea
    England 507
    Hungary 505
    Australia 505
    Slovenia 505
    Lithuania 502
    ==> California 493
    ==> Alabama 466

    • Matthew Ladner says:


      The United States has made a substantial amount of progress since the 1990s on PISA and we know from NAEP that Florida was well behind the national averages back in the 1990s. Ergo, above the (improved) national average is nothing at which to sneeze.

  5. MG says:

    New Massachusetts slogan: Our college football teams are horrible, but we do beat Alabama in TIMMS by 195 points.

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  7. […] final note on international comparisons: Matt Ladner offered up a celebratory fist bump with the news that Florida 4th graders rank right among the world leaders of Hong Kong, Finland, […]

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