Conspiracy Theory Time!

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

Check out this delicious teacher-blogospheric reaction to Bill Moyers’ new ALEC story:

The education stuff starts at around the 14 minute mark, with the main example being the overthrow public education in Tennessee by a virtual school operator.

What I’ve been too lazy to determine on my own is this: is our new unelected state charter school authority based on an ALEC template? Or is that something that came out of Race to the Top? Or is there even a difference?

ALEC, President Obama’s Education Department – what’s the difference?

Not that there aren’t some real conspiracies. Thankfully, they tend to fail due to their internal contradictions and inability to control their own actors. But these people live in a world where literally everyone is out to get them and there are no other agendas besides teachers versus the world. Wonder how that mindset gets cultivated?


One Response to Conspiracy Theory Time!

  1. matthewladner says:

    I fell asleep half way through, but made it long enough in to see the Report Card on American Education included in the conspiracy story…I’m so proud!

    Did he ever get around to mentioning that the center-left and the far left both have organizations similar to ALEC? Or did he leave that part out of the story?

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