Reform School, The Final Clip

In this one, being the meanie that I am, I support federal programs, like Title I, to help educate students who cost more:

If you’ve missed the previous 6 clips, you can find all of them here.

3 Responses to Reform School, The Final Clip

  1. Larry Sand says:

    “Mean Jay Greene.” I like that. It brings back memories of the great Mean Joe Green –

    But seriously folks… even if you are right, Jay, that there is a place for the feds at the table, there has to be a much better way to administer the program. When D.C. tries to help kids 3,000 miles away, a massive bureaucracy is put into place. The kids may not benefit, but the bureaucracy is well fed and quite healthy.

    • Hey Larry. I agree with you. The feds are highly inefficient, but to the extent that we want redistribution in education or other policies it has to come from the feds. Tiebout choice undermines redistribution efforts at the state or local level. And I recognize the need for some redistribution, like in helping pay for the extra expenses associated with the education of poor kids, disabled kids, or kids learning English.

      Oh and when I was in 6th grade I used to tell kids that Mean Joe Greene was my distant cousin. They didn’t believe me.

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