Reform School — Coming to a PBS Station Near You

The folks at ChoiceMedia.TV have developed a new PBS series focused on education reform issues called “Reform School.”  You can see some clips of the pilot episode with yours truly here:

7 Responses to Reform School — Coming to a PBS Station Near You

  1. George Mitchell says:

    Check out the suit on Jay!

    It’s enough to make me watch the program.

  2. George Mitchell says:

    OK, watched the two clips.


    A couple smart guys exchanging comments that obscure their knowledge of, and commitment to, the need for a more aggressive discussion.

    The federal role is the classic manifestation of the tail wagging the dog. Despite a modest % of total K-12 spending, the federal role, and Obama’s readiness to overextend it, drives a much larger share of the discussion.

    What’s needed to make something like this series actually interesting is an opportunity for people such as Jay and Joe to state what they think really would make a difference and why. The low-key banter is not compelling.

  3. Agreed, George. Nice suit.

    Joe Williams rather lucidly challenged Jay’s notion that the Obama administration has radically upped the intervention at the local level, explaining that Race-for-the-Top, for example, simply encouraged (in exchange for funding) that teacher evaluations programs become more rigorous and that opportunities for charter schools and other reforms are promoted. Certainly, as a teacher on the ground in the classroom today, I feel no increased pressure about how or what to teach from the Obama Admin than I did in ten years prior. In fact, NCLB – which we have basically gotten used to – was far more intrusive and unsettling to prior local control than anything that was done in the past three years.

  4. stuff says:

    Har! Sorry George but discussions about education policy are inherent snoozers. The only people who find them fascinating, or ever will, are people with a vested interest and the occasional OCD-sufferer who has a bug up his butt about the issue.

    Obviously, there’s no such thing as a small role when the federal government’s involved although to the ideologue the federal role is too small since they’re hoping the federal government will return things to those halcyon days when no one even thought of questioning the efficacy of schools as anything other then a function of funding and no one questioned the efficacy of teachers at all.

  5. Vicka says:

    The best thing to do when the public school system is on the rocks is to turn to a private tutoring and enrichment center.

    I did that, and have never been happier with the education my children get. I take my children to Brainy Academy, in Brooklyn, NY (

    Their methods are excellent because they focus on each child individually, creating a curriculum based on their unique strengths and weaknesses.

    Think about it!

  6. George Mitchell says:

    I could not find information at the ChoiceMedia.TV site about the “Reform School” project other than the two pilot clips. Jay’s description of this as a “PBS series” intrigues me. I was looking for information on when it might air and on what stations.

  7. Frestykeype says:

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