The Future and Its Enemies-Utah Chapter

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Last year was one for the record books on education reform, and Utah’s digital learning bill was one of the nation’s most far-reaching changes. The Empire however is trying to strike back by overturning the new law before many students have had the chance to take advantage of it.

From our friends at Parents for Choice in Education:

HB147 will stop the education dollars that belong to the student from following them to the online course of their choice and place the power back into the hands of the system. It will prevent high school students from having access to high quality online learning options regardless of language, zip code, income levels or special needs. It will allow the districts to control and limit the student’s options.

To learn more, visit the PCE website.

2 Responses to The Future and Its Enemies-Utah Chapter

  1. mathwizards says:

    Here is my concern, in 2004 Bill Gates signed a contract with UNESCO. In the contract it spells out how technology will be used to reform schools. Since Bill Gates is the $$ behind Common Core and the nationalization of education and because Gates signed the contract with UNESCO, what do you think will be pushed via technology?
    Social Justice?
    Careful what you wish for. Remember if the material is coming through the computer at school, it will be hard for parents to see what is being taught. With a text book, it’s easy for parents to pick it up and scan through it.

    If the programs are free of the Education Mafia, then we might have a fighting chance. If the Education Mafia is involved, look out.

  2. Greg Forster says:

    The only way to apply digital learning with parental control rather than control by the blob is choice programs like the one Matt is describing here. With choice, Gates can offer digital learning and parents are free to take it or leave it (including getting it from someone else).

    I do think things can be set up so parents can monitor digital content fairly easily since the programs could be accessed by web – Kahn Academy would be a clear example (and it’s even Gates-backed!)

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