Liberal Goons Disrupt Common Core Presentation

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Jay, Rick Hess and others have been critical of the Common Core effort for running a “stealth campaign.” Here in the following youtube video however, you will see Common Core proponents come out to make a public presentation, only to be shouted down by a bunch of left wing yay-hoos.

Apparently the irony of inviting officials to a “real conversation about education” when they have just shouted one down doesn’t sink in to the tiny little brains of these people. Ditto for shouting “Shame! Shame!” as the panel takes the only sensible action and leaves.

Sadly a growing portion of the left seems to espouse free speech right up to the point when someone says something with which they disagree.

15 Responses to Liberal Goons Disrupt Common Core Presentation

  1. Greg Forster says:

    Totally with you here. But let it be noted for the record that Jay clearly and repeatedly predicted this turn of events.

    Elites who abuse their positions of influence to fatten themselves by exploiting the weak and angry mobs determined to defy all restraints and tear down the structures of civilization are two sides of the same coin. Each causes the other.

    I’m not excusing the barbarism of the mob; I’m observing that one of its sociological causes is the barbarism of the elites.

  2. Bob Griffin says:

    Just like the Occupy Sesame Street loons at the Excellence in Education Foundation conference in San Francisco. Unfortuanately, I didn’t get to keep the bullhorn I confiscated from this dipstick.

  3. Sandra says:

    Since parents, community members, taxpayers, and experts have been categorically ignored in the entire process related to Common Core standards, frustrations rise. Just today, Parents Across America published Sandra Stotsky’s observations of the Common Core standards development process.

    Ed reform initiatives continue to exclude any opposing voices on the right AND and the left.

    • Bob Griffin says:

      This criticism of the Common Core standards posted in this link seems focused on the fact that there isn’t as many teachers involved in the process as Ms Stotsky would like.

      When I order a pizza, I’m not too concerned with what toppings the chef would like on the on the pie.

  4. George Mitchell says:

    Discouraging, but not surprising. I live in Wisconsin.

    What was the meetig’s agenda? What discussion did the protesters prevent from occuring?

  5. matthewladner says:

    I’m not endorsing either Common Core or the process by which it has advanced. I’m simply in favor of free speech and civil discource.

    If any of these romper room fascists had questions, they ought to have actually asked them.

  6. MOMwithAbrain says:

    Darn, I wanted to watch this panel participate in the DELPHI technique without the parents having any clue that the outcome was determined before the meeting ever began.
    What a JOKE

  7. Matthew Ladner says:


    I seriously doubt that these people were “parents” and they were going to have the chance to ask questions.

    You can’t have it both ways by criticizing these people for doing everything behind closed doors and then shout them down when they come out to face the public.

    • MOMwithAbrain says:

      I’m NO supporter of Occupiers who are rightfully angry but then call for more Big Govt spending that only feeds the monster they helped to create.

      I said I wanted to watch the meeting to watch them use the Delphi Technique that determined the outcome before it ever started. The
      “parents” who were there probably had no idea that these meetings are a joke and the outcome is determined before they ever walk in the door.

      I understand the anger, I don’t support what the occupiers demand in return for THEIR anger.

  8. Greg Forster says:

    Drop whatever you’re doing and click on this link right now. This made my day like nothing has made my day in a lot of days. Apparently the people who were shouted down and hounded from the room were “coercive” and refused to “listen,” while the people who shouted them down and hounded them from the room were (I kid you not) “the height of civil discourse.”

    Responding to my comment, referring to me as “Toady #2” to Matt’s “Toady #1,” he writes:

    It’s illustrative of his discourse that he chooses to declare this a “mob” and their mode “barbarism”. There is no way anyone can honestly define the protesters here, including an 8-year-old girl who speaks, a “mob, or “barbaric”. Rather this protest action, peaceable in every way, is the height of civil discourse. What “might” have happened next if the suits from the PEP and Common Core hadn’t scurried away? If the suits had listened. A conversation? A dialogue? A negotiation?

    Personally, I think bodily harm is what might have happened to them, but I guess that’s just illustrative of my discourse.

    When they make the movie version of Common Core, I want to be billed as “Toady #2.”

    • MOMwithAbrain says:

      I think they are hoping for a Kent State II

    • Mike McShane says:

      According to this dude, Jay teaches his students to “lick boots”. I’m just curious, is that going to be on our comps? I’m putting my study guides together and really need to know!

    • Daniel Earley says:

      Perhaps it was folks like these who inspired the creation of Roberts Rules of Order. I’d be curious to know if anyone fluent in RR has ever tried to claim that this spooky “consensus methodology” of forced groupthink is more civilized, let alone effective at promoting dialog.

  9. matthewladner says:

    He or she must be thrilled with the attention, given that no one has clicked over from their website to ours.

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