Sen. Rubio Letter to Sec. Duncan on National Standards

2 Responses to Sen. Rubio Letter to Sec. Duncan on National Standards

  1. Ayn Marie Samuelson says:

    Senator Rubio sets forth strong arguments against the Executive branch stepping over the line in their authority, essentially through RTTT funding and NCLB waivers in exchange for adopting a national curriculum. He clearly shows that the Executive branch has exceeded its lawful authority.

  2. Doug says:

    There is this nonsense on the right that ‘states rights’ education is conservative education and ‘national education’ equates to liberal education. In the process of enforcing ‘states rights’ in education, conservatives in fact restrict their own influence to the thinly populated south and great plains and hand over the north east and west coast to liberals in the parts of the country that actually matters.

    Nobody cares what Nebraska does. The lights are on but there is nobody home. New York, California, Pennsylvania, … actually matter.

    Yes yes Texas is big but it is hopeless until enough Latinos move in to make it a liberal state.

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