Classic: Milton Friedman Versus…”Michael Moore”

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

Do not, I beg you, do not go another day without watching this:

The young man asking the question, and persistently coming back time and again for more punishment, is Michael Moore someone who reminded the original YouTube poster of a young Michael Moore. This is circa 1977-78.

[Update: Below, commenter Alsadius reports this isn’t Michael Moore after all. Sure enough, the original YouTube poster has changed the video description to clarify: “I thought the metaphor would be obvious, seeing as how the kid is a skinny redhead, while Michael Moore… well, isn’t a skinny redhead. I apologize for the confusion.” It was too good to check! 😉 I’ve amended the post title. FWIW, the video’s worth your time even if only one of the interlocutors is an intellectual titan of the 20th century.]

Milton does not have the world’s most highly polished interpersonal skills, but he cares deeply about ideas and he desperately, desperately wants this highly motivated young man to broaden his horizons and begin to understand the buried assumptions in his thinking and the real stakes involved in these issues. Too bad he didn’t take the opportunity.

HT Outside the Beltway

6 Responses to Classic: Milton Friedman Versus…”Michael Moore”

  1. Douglas Storm says:

    Is the principle “freedom to decide”? Does this not require complete information freely, readily, easily available at all times to consumers of all products? In this way shouldn’t the product be its own representative to the market? Should then no systemic structures of hierarchical authority be allowed to privilege products because by so doing they are corrupting the decision of the individual?

  2. Robert Enlow says:

    Great photo.
    And to Douglas, the answers are, in order:
    Yes but with the proviso that we recognize that in reality there is no such thing as “complete information freely, readily, easily available at all times” and i am not sure what you mean by “require.” Who requires?
    That is what the courts are for.

  3. Douglas Storm says:

    I think it’s disingenuous to speak of a system that cannot function “in reality” but that, like the others systems its proponents denigrate, it must be a managed concern.

    I think you answered the “require” question by offering the “mitigating” hand of the courts.

    However, one assumes “perfect” courts are not real either. I am not sure what it is you, this blog, and other ideological polemicists are arguing for once you agree that this most perfect of systems cannot operate “in reality”.

  4. Alsadius says:

    FYI, this isn’t actually Michael Moore. Great Friedman bit either way, though,

  5. Peter Meyer says:

    I’d love to know what that “kid” is doing today.

  6. JoeD says:

    Douglas, you appear to be a man who is able to use large words but not capable of actual thought. The free market CAN operate in reality. Don’t know where you got that nonsense.

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