News Video on Arizona ESA program

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)


3 Responses to News Video on Arizona ESA program

  1. I love hearing public school officials complain that they will be hurt financially if they lose special education students and 90% of their funding. Weren’t these the same folks who regularly complain that special education is a horrible financial burden because they lose money on each disabled student even with 100% of the funding? They need to get their story straight because both can’t be true.

  2. Greg Forster says:

    Why do they need to get their story straight? What happens to them if they don’t?

  3. Darita P says:

    this is a great opportunity for our children with special needs. the problem is that the law was writen poorly. There is a large amount of kids that are currently enrolled in private schools, that will not qualify for this funding. We have tried public schools for our son with very high function Autism. He was overwhelmed by the number of students, and was behind typical peers in most academic areas. and When we moved our son to his private, smaller school in the 4th grase he finished the year at grade level. now going into the 6th grade he is doing 7th grade math and science and grade level in other courses. Our son does not qualify to for the savings account, because he has never received any of the “special needs” funding from any STO’s, and he has been out of public school to long. Our only choice unless they change the law to include this group of kids , like my son, would be to withdraw him, enroll him in a public school for the 100 days (which is school days)(a semester) then he could go back to his private school. This would be devastating to him, he would go from an individualized education, to a one size fits all environment.

    most parents who have their disabled children in public school are content, because tranportation is provided, and is usually close to home. the parents who have kids in private schools, chose a different path, and it would be a great financial relief to receive their public school funds. The state is cut dunding to sevices for our kids, it would be nice to have this funding. Darita P

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