Speaking of Moynihan…

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

I get another assist from DPM in responding to an editorial in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Here’s the punchline:

Minnesota lies in the heart of Big Ten country, where people have long taken justifiable pride in their K-12 scores and the academic prowess of their universities.

The favorable demographics alluded to by Sen. Moynihan, however, have masked a growing problem: Minnesota suffers from the largest racial achievement gaps in the nation.

A system of schooling that gives the least to those starting with less is unworthy of the traditions and ideals of Minnesota.

Liberals and conservatives should work together with educators to fiercely pursue radical improvement in literacy skills. The students with the least have the most to gain.

While I am on a Moynihan kick, I may as well note that I love the DPM quote that RedefinED keeps as a permanent feature on their blog:

Diversity. Pluralism. Variety…We treasure these values, and I do not believe it excessive to ask that they be embodied in our national policies for education.

…and hopefully in our state policies as well!

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