Diane, Release the Tapes — Day 1

It has now been 1 day since we asked Diane Ravitch to give permission for the videotapes to be released that could verify her allegations that Deborah Gist “dominated the conversation, interrupted me whenever I spoke, and filibustered to use up the limited time” when the two of them met with Rhode Island Governor Chafee and some aides.  Diane claims that she had “never encountered such rudeness and incivility.”

But Gist denies that the meeting was uncivil and Governor Chafee issued a statement to back her up, saying “Commissioner Gist comported herself in an appropriate and respectful way at all times during this discussion.”

Is Diane Ravitch an accurate chronicler of events or does she weave stories to suit her own purposes?  A video of the meeting would reveal the answer and it will be released if all parties give permission.  Gist has already done so and we are waiting for Ravitch.  It is day 1 and counting.

Ravitch has asked to review the tapes, which will take some time we hear because she is a very busy person.  As she keeps reminding us, she has met presidents, senators, governors, space aliens, divinities, etc… She’s a very important person.  Let’s see if she also is a reliable source of information or a weaver of self-serving stories.  When she reviews the tapes, Diane should be sure not to pull a Rose Mary Woods and have her foot accidentally hit the erase button.

Speaking of the Washington Post and scandals, we have another hint that Diane Ravitch’s  account of her “rude” encounter with Gist is unlikely to be supported by the videotape.  Diane Ravitch’s blog post was posted on the Washington Post blog operated by Valerie Strauss, a once-respectable reporter who is now the high-priestess of the Diane Ravitch Cult.  But after Chafee’s statement was released the piece was mysteriously taken down and no trace can be found of it at the Washington Post.

No trace except for the record that Google has of it.  If you type Diane Ravitch and Deborah Gist into a Google News search you will see the following item:

Ravitch on her visit with Chafee, Gist – The Answer Sheet – The 

 – 3:59am

May 11, 2011  Education historian Diane Ravitch writes about her surprising visit  Chafee and Education Commissioner Deborah Gist, which didn’t turn out like Ravitch had expected. How to find your favorite blogs on washingtonpost.com  years with veteran education writer Valerie Strauss and her guests. 
This was written by education historian Diane Ravitch for her Bridging 

It looks like the post was a re-posting of the account that Diane wrote for her Ed Week blog.  It’s pretty extraordinary for a newspaper to post and the completely erase something.  Apparently WaPo doesn’t believe Ravitch’s account.
Let us see the video tape, Diane, so we can decide for ourselves.

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