Tight-Loose Imperial Vendor Management

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

Darth Vader, pioneer of tight-loose management practices:

He doesn’t tell you exactly where to bring the fleet out of light speed, he just insists that it be the correct point for pulling off a successful surprise attack on the rebel base. If you pick the wrong point, that’s your fault – and that’s what the assessment and accountability systems are there for.

You have failed me for the last time, Governor Walker!

But for some reason I have the feeling that when the new federal tight-loose approach to standards, curricula and assessments is implemented, it will look a whole lot more like this:

2 Responses to Tight-Loose Imperial Vendor Management

  1. The most accurate part is when Lando finally praises the deal. How many states and districts are praising the Gates-Fordham-AFT-Dept of Ed nationalization of education because they fear the deal could be made worse for them?

  2. Daniel Earley says:

    Given how so many seem to even adore their captors, it seems we once called this Stockholm Syndrome at some point. Alas.

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