(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Salman Khan on using video to improving education, and taking Khan Academy to the next level. Well worth watching.

5 Responses to KHAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!

  1. MatthewLadner says:

    OMG- that is so funny!

  2. Mike McShane says:

    “This must be what it’s like when doves cry”-Milhouse van Houten

  3. curious says:

    Why one would care about the words of a Bunkum Award winner such as Mr. Ladner. Wouldn’t that seeming
    dishonor render his words unworthy of consideration?

  4. You don’t seem as much curious as gullible. Do you believe whatever teacher-union funded operations say about the quality of research or do read the research to judge its quality for yourself? You might also notice that a fair number of Bunkum Award pieces have been published in leading peer-reviewed journals. Why would you trust the opinion of the single Think Tank Review Project reviewer over the opinions of journal editors and their set of peer reviewers?

    Matt rightly wears his Bunkum Award as a badge of honor:

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