Iowahawk Demolishes Krugman

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

When you have a Nobel Prize in economics, shouldn’t you refrain from making wild assertions easily dismissed with a casual amount of data analysis?

4 Responses to Iowahawk Demolishes Krugman

  1. Ann In L.A. says:

    I went further in the same NEAP scores:

    Wisconsin does all right, but it isn’t towering over the non-collective bargaining states, and in some categories is really doing poorly (educating 4th graders in poverty eg.)

  2. curious says:

    How does Mr. Ladner feel he can criticize others when he recently was a Bunkum Award recipient? Call me puzzled.

  3. You don’t seem as much curious as gullible. Do you believe whatever teacher-union funded operations say about the quality of research or do read the research to judge its quality for yourself? You might also notice that a fair number of Bunkum Award pieces have been published in leading peer-reviewed journals. Why would you trust the opinion of the single Think Tank Review Project reviewer over the opinions of journal editors and their set of peer reviewers?

    Matt rightly wears his Bunkum Award as a badge of honor:

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