Would You Want These People Making Ed Policy?

12 Responses to Would You Want These People Making Ed Policy?

  1. Ze'ev Wurman says:


  2. This is a photo of (from left to right) Matt Ladner, Derrell Bradford, and Lindsey Burke, the education policy people from Goldwater, E3, and Heritage, respectively (if not respectfully : ) ).

    Thanks to Derrell for posting the photo on Facebook.

  3. matthewladner says:

    Stay thirsty my friends…

  4. Lindsey Burke says:

    Ed policy is headed in the right direction, obv!

  5. Derrell Bradford says:

    I care about kids man. Just want them to have the same chance I had…to hang out with Lindsey and Ladner. How’s that gonna happen without quality options?

  6. Collin Hitt says:


  7. Collin Hitt says:

    …with one caveat.

    What did the turkey say?

  8. Daniel Earley says:

    I’m reminded a bit of a couple of movie posters. My wife insists that I refrain from demonstrating my photoshop skills.

  9. Adam Peshek says:

    Nicely done

  10. Maximus says:

    I’ve seen that pose from Uncle Matt WAY too many times to count…

  11. Patrick says:

    I was there, just not cool enough to be included in the picture.

  12. Ben Boychuk says:

    I wish I could have been there. If that photo is any indication, the subject shifted quickly from mere policy to philosophy.

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