Administrative Bloat is Here

Here’s the updated list of coverage of the report on administrative bloat in American universities that I wrote with Brian Kisida and Jonathan Mills for the Goldwater Institute:


Atlanta Journal Constitution

Austin American Statesman

Baltimore Sun

Indianapolis Star



Dallas Morning News

Indianapolis Star

USA Today

Chronicle of Higher Education

Arizona Republic

Arizona Daily Star

Sunshine News

Phoenix Business Journal

AZ Daily Sun

Arizona Capitol Times

Inside Higher Ed

Modesto Bee



Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Baylor Lariat

Columnists / Editorials

The Economist


Arizona Republic

Dallas Morning News

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Denver Post

Dallas Morning News

Selected Blogs


National Association of Scholars



Phi Beta Cons

Reason Foundation — Nick Gillespie

Reason Foundation — Lisa Snell

George W. Bush Institute

Pelican Institute

MacIver Institute

Nevada Policy Research Institute

The Five Year Party

Carolina Journal

American Council of Trustees and Alumni

The Volokh Conspiracy

Minding the Campus

And here is our rebuttal to ASU’s statement attacking the report.  The rebuttal works for most of the issues raised by other universities as well:

Our Rebuttal

[UPDATE — This page has been revised to mirror the updated coverage post, which is here .]

5 Responses to Administrative Bloat is Here

  1. Patrick says:

    Dr. Greene, you need to serve up some crow for the ASU president…

  2. Xenu says:

    Wouldn’t that make him (Crow) a cannibal?

  3. […] cuts in higher education are part of the problem. Administrative bloat is another, further shrinking the money left over to pay for lecturers and professors.  Often […]

  4. I am having my students read the summary of your report and I came across this web page. So, for the record, I have also “penned” a commentary on your study and some of the brouhaha that followed at my campus:

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