Arizona and Alabama RTTT

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

As an Arizonan, this article is quite satisfying to read, not so much because I’m a big fan of RTTT, but because I am proud of the steps Arizona lawmakers took to reform K-12 last session.

Arizona went from second to last in the first round of the RTTT to finalist in the second round, mostly on the strength of the 2010 reforms. Alabama meanwhile continues to languish in education union imposed stasis.

2 Responses to Arizona and Alabama RTTT

  1. And if you want to see how the teacher unions are controlling Alabama with campaigns denouncing evolution, check this out:

  2. Patrick says:

    Nevada dropped the barriers to creating new charter schools and dropped the law prohibiting the use of student testing data on teacher evaluations…then sat on its collective hands and acted like that was enough to win.

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