Job Opening: Basis Schools

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Vice President Growth: BASIS Educational Group

BASIS Educational Group seeks a Vice President for Growth who will bear primarily responsibility for the implementation of BASIS School’s growth plan. BASIS Educational Group is the Educational Management Organization for BASIS School, Inc., the charter holder for the nationally recognized college preparatory schools, BASIS Tucson and BASIS Scottsdale and for the new BASIS Oro Valley school scheduled to open in August of 2010.


BASIS Tucson, the charter group’s flagship campus, has consistently ranked in both the Newsweek and US News lists of the best high schools in America. Now, BASIS is embarking on an expansion aimed to make the schools a national presence within the next five years.


The Vice President for Growth will be the lead staff person responsible for implementing and coordinating all the elements of the BASIS replication plan. He/she will be responsible for coordinating all relevant applications for new schools and will be responsible for creating a positive recruiting environment in the relevant market areas as well as assuring that a suitable physical plant is ready for occupancy on opening day at all sites. He/she will support student recruiting efforts and will also assist with staff recruiting efforts for new schools as he/she becomes more familiar with the “BASIS model.


Specific responsibilities of the position include:

1.    Evaluating potential locations;

2.    Field testing potential school sites;

3.    Coordinating media relations in new markets;

4.    Coordinating with local BASIS booster groups;

5.    Managing Charter Board relations for replication efforts;

6.    Applying for and managing federal start up funding;

7.    Refining the BASIS building prototype with the BASIS architect;

8.    Consulting with Challenge Foundation Properties (CFP) on the choice of specific building sites;

9.    Coordinating with CFP on construction and financing of buildings.


The Vice President for Growth will work out of BASIS Educational Group’s office in Scottsdale, AZ. Salary is negotiable based on experience and knowledge related to the position. Please communicate your interest to Michael Block, Chairman, BASIS Educational Group, at

3 Responses to Job Opening: Basis Schools

  1. Patrick says:

    Sounds like a good job, they have great charter schools.

  2. Tom Linehan says:

    The Education Cartel is quaking in their collective boots.

  3. Tom Linehan says:

    Please, please Please come to New Hampshire

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