Get Lost – Locke Goes Up in Smoke

“I am not dead and you are not Hurley.”

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

As we approach the end, I’m thinking back and trying to integrate what we now know with what has gone before. For some reason, what’s engaging my attention the most is trying to figure out how much of Locke’s experience was a result of Smokey’s deception, and how much was real.

When Smokey called Locke a “sucker” a while back, I wondered if they were trying to suggest that everything Locke had believed in was a result of Smokey’s deceptions. But that can’t be right.

It all starts with Locke standing up and walking after the plane crash, and I doubt anyone’s going to attribute that to Smokey. That’s Jacob. Or maybe it all really starts when Richard comes to Locke as a boy. That’s Jacob, too – although Richard tried to discourage Locke from following the path that he did.

During season 1 Smokey appears to Locke but doesn’t kill him. We now know why – he was a candidate. But at the time, Locke assumed Smokey was part of “the Island” that had healed him and that he was serving. Ironically, at the same time Locke thought Smokey was with the Island and was therefore good, he was focused on fighting the Others, who we now know to be Jacob’s people! Although Ben seems to have sort of taken the Others off the rails to serve his own purposes, so in a sense they were also evil at the time. Locke’s job, later, was to get them back on the rails.

At the end of season 1 Smokey is dragging Locke into a hole and he tries to convince John to let him go, but John drops dynamite into the hole to save him. During season 2 it’s all about the button in the hatch, and during season 3 it’s all about the Hydra island, so there’s not a lot that I recall that bears directly on the question. At the end of season 3 Ben takes Locke to the cabin, Locke hears Jacob, Ben shoots Locke out of jealousy, then Walt appears to him and saves him, and then in season 4 he joins the Others.  

Then during season 4, in the cabin, Christian tells Locke to move the island. And Christian appears to Locke again in season 5 when his leg is injured, and guides him to the wheel so he can fix the island’s time dislocation. Was Christian Smokey in both cases? Claire was with him in the cabin so that argues for yes.

But here’s what’s really bothering me. At the end of season 3, how did he see Walt? Smokey can only be dead people, and we know Walt’s not dead because Locke meets him in LA in season 4.

“Sorry about all those continuity problems I keep causing.”

What gives?

And what other items are missing from this list? I’m sure I’m not recalling everything.

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  1. Stuart Buck says:

    Are y’all reading Doc Jensen? 11-pager here:,,20313460_20362835,00.html And here:,,20313460_20366684,00.html

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