Arkansas Senate Ads

The TV airwaves in Arkansas are filled with third-party ads supporting Bill Halter against Blanche Lincoln.  Here’s one:

And here is a basic translation of what the ad says:

I’d like to be able to say that Senator Lincoln’s ads in response are any different, but they aren’t.  And the Republicans aren’t yet running many ads, but their rhetoric is basically the same.  Arkansas politicians seem determined to fulfill the worst stereotypes that people may have about the state.

9 Responses to Arkansas Senate Ads

  1. jbmcgee says:

    Play both videos at the same time to get the full effect.

  2. My head might asplode:

  3. Is it just me or does the woman in the ad look like a grouper?

  4. I think the two videos are basically saying the same thing for sure. well played!

  5. Joel Vincent says:

    I don’t know though. I haven’t seen any place in the U.S. that is immune from protectionism.

    On another note, Jay,I was curious what you would think about this article that I just read on

  6. The heart of Chapman’s argument is: “What did they find? Something unexpected: Kids in the program do no better than everyone else. ‘At this point,’ said professor Patrick J. Wolf, ‘the voucher students are showing average rates of achievement gain similar to their public school peers.’ This is a surprise to anyone who originally supported the voucher idea—as I did. But it’s entirely consistent with the record elsewhere.”

    Chapman is right that education reform is really hard and progress is halting and gradual, but 1) he misinterprets the Milwaukee results (see ) and 2) he is mistaken in claiming that Milwaukee’s new participant effect results are “consistent with the record elsewhere” (see )

  7. Patrick says:

    playing both at the same time is genius.

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