Checker’s Journey toward Enlightenment Begins

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

I see Checker is belatedly starting to realize that any national standards for curricular content will be produced by a horribly politicized sausage-making process that will inevitably be hijacked by the Dark Side and produce a result that does more to serve political agendas hostile to students’ interests than to promote better curricula.

He’s only just starting to realize the truth. He still thinks the process can be gotten back on track if only people would just be reasonable and work together and keep the good of the children in mind. So clearly he remains in the Vale of Illusion. But his journey on the path to Enlightenment has begun.

5 Responses to Checker’s Journey toward Enlightenment Begins

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  2. Patrick says:

    Has anything changed on the common core front? Is the math chair still an English teacher? Is it still dominated by logic hating constructivists? Are the meetings still behind closed doors?

  3. Daniel Earley says:

    Oh, and the stench of that politicized sausage. The naivete is astounding.

    In any society, whether 5000 years ago or ahead of us, all attempts to centralize curricular standards inevitably end up measuring varied incarnations of Pavlik Morozov competency. To ignore this is to forget (or deny) human nature.

  4. CU Student says:

    A Core Curriculum brings us closer to being able to compare student test scores across states. Do you think that the current emphasis on accountability and testing based reforms will inevitably lead to a core curriculum? Shouldn’t we standardize the standards? Or, will we just continue to compare apples to oranges?

  5. Greg Forster says:

    NAEP gives us a perfectly fine cross-state comparison. Yes, I know, the DOE puts out meaningless boilerplate telling people not to use NAEP for cross-state comparisons, but that’s political static. DOE itself uses NAEP for cross-state comparisons all the time.

    Do you really think everything in the whole world should be standardized just so it will be easier to compare things? Should we preclude apple/orange comparisons by chopping down all the orange trees and requiring everyone to eat only apples?

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