Lost for Life

This time I really think I’ve figured something out.  Really.  I mean it.

The Island has two particularly strange characteristics (among several others):  babies can’t be born on it (with important exceptions) and dead people walk around on it.  We know that one of those dead people, Locke, is actually Esau (Smokey).  I’m willing to bet that all dead people we have seen walking around on the Island are in fact Smokey, including Christian, Claire, Boone, Harper, Ecko’s brother, etc…  Smokey is death.

I’m also willing to bet that babies born on the Island, including Aaron and Alex, are somehow connected to Jacob or are Jacob.  Jacob represents life.

In the conversation on the beach between Jacob and Esau in the final episode of last season, Esau says that it always ends the same way.  I think he means that we all die.  He repeats this theme when he tells Ben that only Locke understood how pitiful his life was — perhaps all life is.  In Smokey’s view life is futile ending in death.

Jacob agrees that it always ends the same way (we all die) but there is progress.  Jacob believes in the purposefulness of life.

Remember that Ben brings Juliet to the Island so that they can have babies, perhaps expanding Team Jacob.  Widmore, on the other hand, wants to kill baby Alex and ultimately does through the mercenaries.  Widmore is part of Team Esau.

Also, the dead Alex appears to Ben under the Temple scaring him into doing whatever Locke says, but Locke is actually Smokey at that point.  Alex has to be dead so that Smokey can appear as her and trick Ben into following Locke’s orders to kill Jacob.

I don’t know what the “infected” people, Sayid, the new Claire, and Rousseau’s colleagues, really are.  Perhaps they are being drawn into Team Esau.  Remember that Rousseau’s colleagues went under the Temple, where Smokey attacked them, and Rousseau did not.  Perhaps Smokey infects people there, maybe because they went into a spring like Sayid did.

We also know that Ben summoned Smokey to kill the mercenaries by draining a spring, again suggesting that Smokey and the spring are connected.

I don’t have it all figure out — not by  a long stretch — but I’m pretty confident that this death/life theme will help tie the plot together.

3 Responses to Lost for Life

  1. Greg Forster says:

    Hang on. If Ben is Team Jacob and Widmore is Team Esau, how come Ben is able to summon Smokey – Esau! – to kill mercenaries working for Widmore?

    Maybe it has something to do with “the rules.” Remember, when the merc kills Alex, Ben is surprised because that was supposed to be against “the rules” but apparently the rules had changed. Then he goes and summons Smokey – I get the distinct impression that summoning Smokey to help him was something he hadn’t thought he could do because of “the rules” but when he saw that “the rules” had changed he either knew he could summon Smokey’s help, or else he didn’t know but he guessed that he might be able to and took the risk.

    Maybe people who work for Team Esau are under a set of rules that they’re not allowed to break, and if they do, anyone (even on Team Jacob) can summon Esau himself to punish them?

    Or maybe everyone is subject to “the rules” and it’s Esau’s function to punish those who break them? Talk about theological!

  2. The mercenaries had already completed their essential task — killing Alex — so they were then disposable and Smokey could kill them. Smokey may also be bound by rules involving the springs, and it was by draining the water that Ben summoned Smokey.

    The rules changed because Alex was born on the Island and was somehow Jacob or closely related to Jacob. Esau can’t directly kill Jacob but he can manipulate others to do it.

    Ultimately no one is permanently on Team Esau because he is death. Widmore and others are just making a deal with the devil for fleeting benefit and because they also believe that life is futile.

  3. Patrick says:

    Ben went into the spring when he was a little boy.

    Also note that the guys mentioned that the spring wasn’t clear as it used to be. Maybe when the waters are muddied it is tained by Smokey and when the waters are clear it is because of Jacob?

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