Best Group Blog Nomination

I just noticed that JPGB has been nominated for the Best Group Education Blog from the Edublogawards.  That’s nice.  Click and vote if you feel like it.  Voting ends on the 16th.

If I win, I promise to donate all of the proceeds (of which there are none) to charity.  And I promise to give an awesome acceptance speech, like the one Obama gave for the Nobel.  But to fit that mold would I have to say the opposite of everything else I had been saying?  Would I praise the teacher union and the need to assign students to schools based on where they live?

Besides, what do they mean by “group blog”?  Don’t they know that it’s been all me, me, me (except for all of the funny stuff — that’s Matt, and all of the smart stuff — that’s Greg).

4 Responses to Best Group Blog Nomination

  1. Greg Forster says:

    Don’t you mean you’ll give a super-awesome acceptance speech?

  2. Ben says:

    I don’t know if anyone else nominated this blog for the award, as well, but little Eddie certainly did:

    Sadly, Eddie himself didn’t make the cut, and since has been drowning his sorrows in Legos & hoping Santa will bring a special Mr. Potatohead.

    And I voted for you!

  3. I love Eddie and his blog. If I hadn’t been so behind on my email I would have learned about the nomination process before the deadline and nominated Eddie. Next year.

  4. Greg Forster says:

    That kid hits the Legos way too much. It’s getting out of hand if you ask me. Somebody should really say something.

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